Texas Tank Supply was formed from a passion to promote green building and water conservation

Customizable to meet all your rainwater collection needs

Texas Tank Supply has installed Rainwater Collection Tanks across the country from the deserts of Arizona to coastal Florida.
We have selectively chosen tanks that are cost-effective, long-lasting and allow our customers to make the green choice.
We offer only the best tanks for Rainwater Collection
Steel tanks with food grade poly-liners for potable water use
Modular design accommodates any size and quantity needed
Steel tanks built with ZINCALUME® will last 60+ years
Variety of colors available to offer aesthetic options
Tanks can be delivered and installed in remote locations
Our Rainwater Collection Tanks come with a true no-cost 20-year warranty

As our resources become more precious, having the option to harvest rainwater offers a green option for water use. Not only is rainwater purer and less hard than other untreated water sources, it is a cost-effective option when you want to go green. Most people are surprised to realize just how much water can be collected and used as a sole water source.
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To determine the amount that can be collected, you need to consider 3 factors: Collection Surface Area, Amount of Rainfall, and Water Storage Capacity.
Surface Area (sq. ft) x Rainfall Amount (in) x 0.623 (conversion factor) = Harvested Water (gal)

If you are in an area that gets rain less frequently, you want to consider installing the largest tank your space and budget will allow. If your area gets rain more frequently and can replenish your supply more often, you can opt for a smaller tank.
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